Love Notes

Brett Jolly, a world renown bassist can be heard on countless recordings and now has launched the website called Love-Notes. Below is an excerpt from Brett Jolly’s Love-Notes website.
“You”… are “special”… and there are times when a woman needs to “hear” how special she is, and hear it in a “very” special way… Here at “Love-notes” we cater to “you”… We’re gentlemen who are here for your “social, mental and emotional needs.” We want to provide you with those “little sweet things” you crave to have “whispered” in your ear (but “rarely” get to hear). We also invite you to respond to us. You can confide to us about how bad your day was… You can tell us about an “emotional breakup” you just had… You can “vent” and we will listen and follow up with an mp3 voice message email attachment dedicated to you featuring the “deepest, most passionate and sensual male voice imaginable.” You deserve it, and this is what Love-notes are all about… for MORE INFORMATION

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